Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kentucky Derby Barbie 2009

A special 50th Anniversary collectible Kentucky Derby®Barbie® commemorates the 135th "Run for the Roses." She wears a floral dress, a string of pearls, holds two Derby tickets in her hand, and of course, wears a beautiful hat to complete her ensembleAdd Image perfect for the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs in Louisville.

And, best of all, she is mine! Yes, I bought this special Barbie just for me! I love the hoopla of the Kentucky Derby! Granddaughter Kaitlyn had a difficult time understanding that Grandma did not buy this Barbie for her considering Grandma has presented her with many Barbies over the past seven plus years.

This Barbie will remain in the box for this Grandma to admire until such time she decides to do otherwise. I am not a Barbie collector like my friend Leona, who has hundreds. I only own two Barbies. This one and my original 50-year-old Barbie in the original black and white striped swim suit. That one looks like a ragamuffin and has a hole in her swim suit, a dirty face and stringy hair after many years of play by me, my friends and my daughters and their friends. But, oh what fun memories!

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