Friday, May 15, 2009

33 Teapots

I was asked if I would help with a Mother-Daughter Tea, "Mother's Apron Strings," at our church scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday). Of course I said "yes!" Based on previous events, the committee expected 50 to attend when plans first began. As of tonight, 95 ladies have made reservations. I washed and packed 33 teapots and 53 teacups and saucers. Others are also providing cups and saucers. I made 20 gallons of fruit tea and provided vintage aprons for decorating. I'll post the details with photos soon!

Update on Aunt Ida

Just a quick update on my 95 year old Aunt Ida (see my previous post) —
She had a heart attack two weekends ago. After being transported from the nursing home to the emergency room, she refused hospitalization and treatment due to her age. She was returned to her beautiful private room at The Terrace Nursing and Rehab Facility. She did very well considering her age and condition for several days. Then took a turn for the worse last Friday. After a very difficult weekend, she stabilized on Monday and is now resting very comfortably. I was able to have her admitted as a Hospice patient, but she will remain at The Terrace. The only thing she was bummed about was that she didn't feel like going to Monday afternoon BINGO.

Aunt Ida is a strong lady and has been a role model for me throughout my life. Her only child, a son, died at age 21 in 1957 of Hodgkin's Disease, and her husband died in 1967. She has been a widow and lived alone for over 40 years. I her "daughter," my children and grandchildren are as they are her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and she adores my husband, GJ. She is very special to us and has traveled with us on several family vacations.

Thanks for your comments and concerns. I needed all my free time this week to spend time with her and to make arrangements to provide the care she needs to be comfortable.

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