Monday, June 15, 2009

Lost A Bathroom Today...

...but, we are gaining two and a half more to bring our new total to four full baths and two half baths. Yikes! Who will clean all of those?!?

Thank you to Patsy and other blog friends who have asked how the house renovation is going. Today they cut out the main bathroom to make a hall to connect to the new back section of the house. The door you see in the background is a "back door" in the new laundry room and goes out on a new deck. The back door was in the original plan, but the deck wasn't. *smile* It is one of a few "while the builders are doing this, let's have them do that project" things we added. I'll show a few more of those projects a little later.

Until today most of the dust had remained outside the existing house. The teapots and china have been packed away in preparation for the dust to begin.

Tonight I am "de-cluttering" my office because the window above my computer desk will be removed. It will become a wall. (Drywall dust, yuck!) My computer time might become less frequent over the next several days. I appreciate everyone for hanging in there with me.

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