Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome Friends for Iced Tea

The new covered deck overlooking the pool and attached to the current deck is the perfect place to enjoy iced tea!

Friends are certainly welcome to visit us in our home, but please excuse the mess as the renovations moved inside the house this week. The work on the existing living room-dining room ceiling will continue on Monday.

Thank goodness the leaking chimney/living room wall has been repaired. Well...actually it has been torn down on the outside and built around. That leak has apparently been there since the house was built in the early 1970's. After much $$ spent for "repairs" over our past 21 years in the house, this is the drastic solution!
The very large living room window has been removed and will be a connecting doorway into the new front addition.

I just realized we will have to put up our Christmas Tree in a different location after 21 years of having it in front of that window. Funny how profound thoughts come at odd times! Surely, the work will be complete by Christmas?!?
Oh my, I need another glass of iced tea from the freshly brewed pitcher of Harney Earl Grey Supreme!


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