Sunday, July 19, 2009

"A Cup of Tea and Crosswords"

I've been making an effort to "boost my brain" via crossword puzzles, Sudoku and Brain Age™ using AJ's Nintendo DS™.

When I saw the title of this paperback book, A Cup of Tea and Crosswords, edited by Will Shortz, I couldn't resist purchasing it.

From the back: "Tea and Crosswords: relaxing and refreshing. Oftentimes it's life's simple gifts that are the most pleasurable: the wisp of steam rising from a freshly brewed cup of tea, or the feeling of satisfaction when you've filled in the final square in the puzzle."

Aaah... now if I could only find time to relax and leisurely sit with a cup of tea to work a crossword.

This week I am up early each day for the painter to arrive at 7:15, driving AJ to and from Camp Invention Day Camp, to soccer practice in the evenings and in my spare time, I'm packing up everything in my office in preparation for the furniture to be removed for the wood floors to be laid.

I just keep reminding myself, there will be an end to the house renovation soon, and it will be wonderful!

Teavana Shopping

There is a new Teavana store in Kenwood Mall in Cincinnati. Daughter Melissa and I couldn't resist a little tea shopping. I love tea gadgets and look forward to using this one. It is the Teavana®"Perfect Teamaker."

The information on the side of the box says it makes 16 oz. of tea, has an automatic shut off valve, a stainless steel filter, is dishwasher safe, fits any cup up to 3.5" in diameter and makes tea to your own personal taste.
The instructions say:
Place your loose leaf tea in the Teamaker. Add heated water. Rest Teamaker on a mug and dispense tea after steeping. Lift Perfect Teamaker for the mug to stop the flow.

Silver Needle, one of my favorite teas, just happened to find its way in my shopping bag, too.

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