Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Linda's Tea Room

This room added to the front of our house was to be GJ's office/den. The floor plan changed when the wall between this room and the new family room had to be moved to become a support wall. The room picked up several more feet and GJ began to refer to it as "Linda's Tea Room."
Well, guess what?!? It became our personal tea room and, as we carried in tables and chairs, he informed me he "expects" me to serve tea at least once a month for friends, family and neighbors (of course, that includes he and AJ) in this special room! I told him not to start the time clock on my promise to serve monthly teas until everything is unpacked and the decorating is done in this room and the rest of the house is finished.
We look forward to having tea in this new room sometime this fall.

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