Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tea Time With Berea Health Ministry — An Ebony & Ivory Tea

This is my daughter, Melissa's table. She wanted a black and white theme, therefore, An Ebony & Ivory Tea using her Lenox Maywood (wedding) china. It is ivory with a platinum trim. It really stands out against the black table cloth. She made the pearl napkin rings and accented her table with silver teapot place card holders, a silver teapot-shaped trivet and ivory crocheted teapots on her ivory chair bows.

Four-year old PJ dressed to match the theme. He was a such a good boy! Grandpa and AJ picked him up as soon as their soccer game was over so he didn't have to stay for the entire event.
Melissa stepped up to judge tables when one of my table judges had to cancel, as result, Melissa's table was not judged in the winning table contest. Thanks for all your help, Melissa!

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