Friday, November 13, 2009

Tea Time With Berea Health Ministry — 102 Years of Progress Club

102 Years of Progress Club, depicts the history of the Berea Progress Club, Berea's oldest civic club. This table was decorated and hosted by Dinah T. and Violet F. Each place setting is different, therefore representing different eras over the past 100 years for women in style, entertainment and attitude. It begins with the time women had no vote to the present time of disposable dishes (paper plate place setting). The guests at this table are members of the Progress Club and are dressed to reflect an era from 1907 to 2009.
102 Years of Progress Club won for Best Theme.

This concludes my postings of the 23 host-decorated tables at Tea Time With Berea Health Ministry. I hope you enjoyed viewing the various table decorations, and perhaps gained a few ideas for table themes you might use in the future. The judges had a very difficult time picking winners in the various categories.
I am so pleased the event was a very successful fundraiser for the Berea Health Ministry. Through the efforts of the volunteers, we raised over $20,000.
Patty, Melissa and I have already been discussing ways to improve next year's afternoon tea. Your suggestions are welcome!

Tea Time With Berea Health Ministry — Simply Christmas

Karen L. hosted and decorated Simply Christmas using dishes that belonged to her mother. She decorated "simply" with red, white, and gold. Karen, is the Vice President of the Berea Health Ministry board of directors and served as our emcee and a very valuable member of the tea committee.

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