Thursday, January 7, 2010

Surprise Tea

Ya'll know I love surprises (big or little) which arrive in the mail. 

Today I received a package from Paula.  She and I met years ago when we were both Longaberger® consultants and reconnected through blogging.  Between Christmas and New Year's, Paula  took her 13 year-old son to Washington to visit her Grandpa.  I enjoyed following her adventures, including a day in Seattle, via Facebook and her blog.  Check it out here.  It has been many years since I visited Seattle and the Historic Pike Place Market. 

I was so surprised when I walked to the mailbox and found a package of Cinnamon-Orange MarketSpice signature tea, a catalog, information and recipes from Paula in today's mail.  I love it!! 

Thanks Paula!!


Marilyn said...

What a special treat and friend.

At the tea expo a year ago when we were closing down the Market Spice booth gave me a basket of goodies. The same tea was in the basket. It was a fun surprise gift too.

Angela McRae said...

A surprise tea gift from a friend? That's absolutely the BEST kind of mail!

Bernideen said...

I remember the pen pals I had years ago...itseems odd looked in magazines andthere were choices for pen pals who had similar interest. I guess our blogging is today's version of that!

bennie and patsy said...

I love getting special mail to, it will brighten your day.

Paula said...

You are so welcome!!

grannybee1950 said...

So unusual to see another "Paula" name...I'm relatively new to your blog, Linda...I should have guessed you were a consultant of easily speak with people, organize parties (teas), and I've noticed a L. basket or two in some of your photos! I have only driven thru Berea, KY on our way to Hilton Head Island; maybe someday I'll stop! Thanks for sharing all things tea (btw, I enjoy Lady Earl Gray-and lived in England as a small girl-I'm an air force brat).

grannybee1950 said...

FYI...I am making roast beef and yorkshire pudding for our dinner tonight...a holdover from my youth spent in England!


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