Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Please turn up your volume and watch this video to see whether I am from Appalachia or Appalachia. 


The mispronounciation of Appalachia is one of my sore spots! 
It ranks right up there with my grumbles about people who refer to Afternoon Tea as High Tea, because they think "high tea" sounds more fancy than "afternoon tea" aka in some areas of the world as "low tea" because of being taken in the parlor on low tables.  High tea is actually "supper" in Appalachia! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the education on the pronunciation of Appalachia and why it is so important to say it correctly.

As far as High Tea, it is misused a lot, and the term was coined by Sir Lipton who preferred to have tea at a higher table in the kitchen with more to eat vs. at a low table in the drawing room with the ladies. High tea just refers to the height of the table no mater what time of day it is.

Hope you are having a blessed day,
Hugs, Kim

Paula said...

very interesting stories!

Angela McRae said...

Hope no one mispronounces this word "atcha" anymore! (I enjoyed the video!)

Tea Duchess said...

I feel the same way about people misusing afternoon and high tea. I did not know, however, that pronouncing Appalachia wrong was a way of being condescending for that was not how it was taught to me when I learned it in school. Now I know the correct way and will be sure to use it properly in the future.

Tea Duchess said...

Sweet Kimberly, high tea does refer to dinner (at the higher table).

Linda J. said...

Oh My Goodness, Angela! ROFLOL "atcha" blog comment. You and I are GRITS and can understand each other.

Marlena said...

I am with you on high tea. In England, where the phrase was coined, High Tea is supper. We have a town near us - Apalaichin which uses the "atcha" pronunciation, probably to disassociate itself from the big Mafia meeting held there quite a long time ago, when their name was splashed all over the news for weeks, using the aychin pronunciation.

bennie and patsy said...

I just love to blog ,what an education you can get. pronunciation and the correct name to call your Tea.
Now if I could just get some help with my spelling. LOL

Marilyn said...

Coming from the west I have never heard it pronounced the correct way. Thanks for the education.


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