Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage Sadler Teapot

This vintage Sadler 1593 teapot was a fun find for $9.99.
Finding "made in England" bargain vintage teapots is so much fun for this teapot collecter!
I can only imagine how many soothing cups of tea have been brewed in and poured from this very obviously used teapot.  


Charlene said...


I just finished reading "The Teaberry Strangler"....very good book especially if you like tea. The only thing is that you get really hungry reading about all the "tea treats"...thanks for recommending the book. Enjoy all your posts

racheld said...

I mourn that pot, I do, I do---its almost-chintz rosebuds and the lovely gold embellishments.

I'd found it at a similar bargain years ago, and unthinkingly set it upon one of those small plaster "shelves" on the wall---almost a corbel for so small a pot, one of those with one hole in the back for hanging. It made a lovely vignette with the scrollwork of the shelf, and then---a careless passing slid the shelf slightly askew, and down came the pot onto the hardwood floor.

Enjoy yours, and use it on a tea table soon, so I can soothe my loss. I do love looking at your wonderful collections.

Marilyn said...

Very pretty teapot. Love the little pink flowers.

I am almost finished with The Teaberry Strangler and have enjoyed it too.

Angela McRae said...

What a great bargain! I believe I have three teapots (and one teacup) with this pretty rose pattern, all just slightly different in construction. I say it's because this pattern is a classic!

bennie and patsy said...

I think I have seen this pretty teapot before some where.


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