Monday, June 7, 2010

Washington, DC — Wednesday, June 2

I have missed blogging for a few days because we have been traveling.  GJ had a meeting in D.C.
This is one of several business trips AJ and I are planning to tag along on this summer. 
This was AJ's second visit to Washington, D.C. so we visited a few places we had not been before.  After checking into our hotel, our first stop was the International Spy Museum.  It was fascinating, but we could not take photos inside.  
In the top photo, AJ cleaned up nicely to attend a business dinner. 
Guess which of the desserts was his and which was mine. 

Added Later:
That's right, the chocolate cake was  AJ's. We were enjoying our desserts at The Monocle Restaurant on Capitol Hill while Paul McCartney was singing Michelle at the White House.


Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, what fun!! Tagging along on a business trip, especially to a place like DC. Would you believe I've NEVER been to our nation's capital? Well, that's not entirely true, I suppose, as a number of my cousins live in the Greater DC area, and I visited them as a child. But I have NEVER done a visit or tour of all the beautiful buildings and monuments that make up our capital city.

And those the bottom one creme brulee? One of my favorites. My daughter makes a lime ginger creme brulee that is very nearly to die for.

Have a lovely day,
Patti (Of Days and Dreams)

PS I've changed my username and profile photo since I last visited.

racheld said...

For years, the ONLY place I'd ever been was DC, on convention trips. My most enduring memory is a visit to Arlington; the cab driver waited for us as we stepped out into the snowfall and approached the Eternal Flame at President Kennedy's grave, and it was just the most peaceful, serene moment.

Angela McRae said...

How funny that you couldn't take pictures in the spy museum! I mean, if it's on public view ...

Marilyn said...

I'm guessing you chose the creme brulee. I am thinking the same as Angela, how funny not to be able to take pictures in the spy museum. Funny!

bennie and patsy said...

More fun for the family, that is great.


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