Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Vintage Sadler Teapot

Anyone who knows me well, knows that a traditional round English teapot is my favorite teapot.  I have a "collection" of teapots, but I don't have a plan for collecting them.  I don't search for rare or unique teapots.  I don't search for character teapots or commemorative teapots.  I just know when I see a teapot if I like it well enough to purchase. 
This vintage Sadler teapot falls into the category of —
"I like it, I want it, and I'll find a place for it in my home." 


Brit Gal Sarah said...

Oh I love this one, it's so glamorous!

PeggyR said...

This one is really elegant!

A Hopeful Heart said...

Very lovely. Will you use it for tea? Or is it just a collectible?

Happy day to you,

Bernideen said...

This one falls in the VERY ELEGANT category!

Angela McRae said...

Here is why I love your new teapot: Those beautiful swirly gold stripes remind me of a pretty little girl spinning in circles to watch her dress fan out all around her. Lovely!

T said...

I have this teapot too. It was my Mom's. Beautiful.


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