Monday, June 28, 2010

Bionicles and Tea Decor

AJ's Bionicles are having a battle on the mantle among tea pots and tea cups.
I never know what I might find among my tea decor!
But, I whatever I find, I guarantee it is always fun with an 11 year old boy around.


A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, cute, long as they are nice bionicles, though, and don't go slugging any teapots or teacups to the floor.

Have a lovely day,

Marilyn said...

Funny! I had a garage sale this weekend and a little friend sold his bionicles at my sale. I had never heard of them before and here they are again amongst your teapots. What fun you must have.

Angela McRae said...

These must be "Gentlemen Bionicles" because they appear to be perfectly well behaved!

Rosemary said...

too funny! I find lego pieces here and there in my kitchen. Although I'm not always successful, I try my hardest to keep them out of the tea room.


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