Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Washington, DC — Friday, June 4

Early Friday morning we sailed on the Spirit of Mt.Vernon from Washington, D. C. 16 miles south to Mt. Vernon, the beautiful estate of George Washington.  We thoroughly enjoyed this all-day outing.
(photos above)
I spied several tea pots and tea sets in various rooms at Mt. Vernon. Did you know George and Martha Washington were avid tea drinkers?
After dinner at Fogo De Chao, a fun Brazilian Steakhouse, we walked to the White House. 
"Temporary" extra barricades were set up around the back side of the WH while we were there  to prevent people from getting as close as usual.  We watched as children and dogs (including a black dog) came out and played on the lawn as adults were strolled nearby.  I zoomed and snapped photos, but decided not to post them here.   During the 15 to 20 minutes of the playtime, extra guards and sharp shooters were out  and about on the roof and the lawn.  Makes you wonder who was out strolling and playing on the lawn, doesn't it?  After they went back into the WH, we walked arount to the front entrance before returning to our hotel for the evening.   

If you missed my post yesterday of the Mayflower Hotel Afternoon Tea, be sure to take a look at it.  It was a delightful afternoon tea.  The men in the family really enjoyed it!


Marlena said...

What lovely adventures you all have!

Marilyn said...

Some day I would like to visit Washington, DC. A very special trip indeed.

Hopeful Heart said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I LOVE the buildings and monuments of our nation's capital. Have you ever seen National Treasure? I kind of go wild during the scene when they are flashing from one building and monument to another. It makes me really want to go do your photos.

Maybe one day I'll get a chance to take my own visit.

Patti (Of Days and Dreams)

Bernideen said...


bennie and patsy said...

Extra guards and sharp shooters now that is frightening and just for play in a yard in the USA.
Your Mayflower Tea was lovely.

Angela McRae said...

Wow, I do wonder what was going on that day! I can't wait to visit D.C. again. I've been twice before on business, but I want to go and take a "Linda" type of tour!

Linda J. said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. Did you know I owned a tour company "in an earlier life." Trip planning is my speciality. I enjoy seeking out unique adventures as we travel. And, if possible, I always include afternoon tea and fun restaurants.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

What a great trip and somewhere I'd really like to visit someday.

amherstrose said...

Oh Linda, I wish I had been in Virginia while you were in DC.
I would have loved to meet up with you for a little visit while you were there.

Carl and I love going in to DC and often have tea at Teaism and other tea venues. Our favorite is the Mandarin Oriental. The Lobby where they serve tea is so unusual and they have a great tea menu.

Maybe next time! It looks like you had a great time visiting all of the sights. We have discovered some great "local" restaurants that you and your family might enjoy. Also, did you get a chance to see the Botanical Gardens? They feature tea in one of their hands on exhibits.

parTea lady said...

I've never been to Washington and I enjoyed seeing all your pics.
That was an interesting looking vessel behind AJ in that second photo. Your White House photos were very nice too.


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