Friday, July 2, 2010

Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons - Austin, Texas

I did a lot of research and made several phone calls to try to locate tea rooms in and near Austin.  After driving all day on Sunday to Fredericksburg, Luckenbach and the Hill Country and GJ's meeting schedule, I made afternoon tea reservations at the lovely Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Austin for Monday.  Afternoon Tea is served in The Lobby Lounge.
This was the guys first experience of using a "tea press" which in my opinion, looked more like a French coffee press than the traditional teapot shaped tea press. 
The delicious afternoon tea was served on a traditional three tier server.  See the link or the photo of the menu above to read the descriptions of the menu items.
Texas wildflowers were used in this lovely arrangement in the lobby of the Austin Four Seasons. 


racheld said...

Quite a delectable selection of dainties---several of my own favorites, as well.

Everything looks just beautiful and so elegant there in the hotel, and I know it was a lovely occasion.

I'm accustomed to a count of guests for each tea-stand, and I see that it seems to be portioned in twos---was there a separate menu for AJ, or perhaps one of you had the Cream Tea?

And I'll NEVER understand how they cut those layered chocolate desserts so neatly---it's like they laid them out and cut every one with a sewing thread.

Just lovely.

Bernideen said...

Better than the BARBECUE! Love those strawberries!

Linda J. said...

I knew a sharp-eyed tea lover would notice the sandwiches for two people.

We were very unhappy with the way this tea was served. When they brought the three tier server with sandwiches for two and the scones and sweets for three, I told the server I had ordered afternoon tea for three. He said they had a plate of sandwiches ready to refill the one on the tray. I should have insisted he bring it on to the table. Instead, they waited until after we ate the sandwiches (service for two) on the server and brought the rest. I did not like this service, because it's not fair to determine who will eat whatever when!! (especially when you have a hungry 11 year old boy at the table).

Marilyn said...

Love the wildflower bouquets in the last picture. The tea sounded and looked wonderful. Most french presses for tea that I have seen look like what you were served in. I hope the boys enjoyed it served that way.

A Hopeful Heart said...

Despite their strange way of serving (bringing the refills later), it all looks very delicious and elegant. And your guys look so handsome. Your young man is learning at an early age to appreciate these finer things in life, huh? (Oh, you look lovely...didn't mean to single the guys out).

Maybe you could write a book, a sort of "guide to tea in all 50 states" complete with photos and reviews.

Have a lovely 4th!!


Linda J. said...

It is interesting you mentioned a book, Patti. My friend Mary has been encouraging me to write a book about my tea travels.

parTea lady said...

The Lobby Lounge looked like a lovely place to have afternoon tea. The view of the lake is pretty (thanks for the link). The tea foods looked delicous - I liked their sandwich selection.

The Texas wildflowers are lovely too.

Rose Haven said...

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm...everything looks delicious! I love going to TEA or having TEA Parties here at home with friends.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday!

Jan :-)

Anonymous said...

This looks lovely! I'm in the Austin area and trying to plan a weekend tea for a ladies organization that I'm in. According to the picture of the menu, high tea was $30 (per person, I assume?) - was it worth the price?


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