Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puerh Tea Tasting

Ingrid, certified Tea Sommelier and Culinary Consultant of Tea Occasions brought 23 year old compressed Puerh tea which she steeped to share with us.  Puerhs are different from most teas in that they are aged for 2 to 50 years before drinking. This was the first opportunity for several in our group to taste Puerh.  Pronounced "POOH-air," this tea  has a robust "earthly" flavor. For many tea drinkers, the musky, musty flavors make Puerhs an acquired taste.
I'll be the first to admit, I've not yet acquired the desire to taste very much Puerh, but I am grateful to Ingrid for bringing her special Puerh for us to taste. 

Note added later:  
Ingrid suggested pairing her delicious Chocolate Chamberd Truffles with the Puerh.  This gave the Puerh a different flavor, a little difficult to describe, perhaps a milder flavor and less earthy.   


Tea Duchess said...


bennie and patsy said...

Was it good?

Marilyn said...

Puerh is definitely an acquired taste, but when I started getting into tea this is one of the first I drank regularly as it is very good for lowering cholestral.

racheld said...


I was absolutely fascinated by the subject several years ago on another food and beverage site.

The Puerh ceremony was something I'd never heard of, but I had seen a cha no yu, and loved the graceful beauty and meanings of all the gestures and ceremonial array.

This young man was quite interesting to chat with, and his "teaware" is quite something to behold---I think he had the slab of wood cut just for this---I told him it reminded me of a glossy wolf lying there.

I do hope this link is still valid:

Angela McRae said...

I like puerh and would LOVE to have been at such a tasting! (And even if it wasn't your fave, I'm glad you got to enjoy a new tea experience!)

Aar Kei Enterprises said...

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parTea lady said...

My first (and only) experience with Puerh tea was not a pleasant one. The fragrance was so off putting (like moldy dirt) that I couldn't bring myself to taste it. Maybe I need to try again with another Puerh.

Ms. Ingrid's jacket was pretty - I love that blue color. I'd like to meet a Tea Sommelier some time.


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