Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day of School

The first day of Middle School for AJ. 
He was a bundle of nerves, but made it through the day just fine. 
Our small independent city school houses Pre-K - 12 in the same facility.  AJ is the third generation in my family to attend school here.  You may recall some of my previous posts about my girl friends and I who attended 1st - 12th grades together in this school.  I hope AJ and KJ will develop long-lasting friendships while attending BCS.   
AJ's first homework assignment for English was to complete an information sheet about himself and his family.  The back side of the paper had statements they were to complete and draw stick figures to illustrate their statement. 
I love the one below about his family. 
Can you guess what this drawing is?
This is me sitting in a rocking chair drinking tea.  And, GJ sitting in his easy chair reading the newspaper drinking tea.  See how "nice and calm" we are! 
I love it!
We are definitely a family of tea drinkers!


Paula said...

that is so heart warming!!

Stockpiling Mom said...

I am cracking up! I love it!!! We do love our tea :-) And BCS!

bennie and patsy said...

Summer is so short! Happy new school year.

Angela McRae said...

You should enlarge that drawing and have it framed! I love it!

parTea lady said...

I'm glad AJ's first day of middle school went well. That is really something that you have had three generations in that school. I love that he sees his family as "nice and calm" tea drinkers.

Bernideen said...

HISTORY IS BEING MADE HERE! Does A.J. know all the fans he has?

A Hopeful Heart said...

School starts early in your neck of the woods. Our schools don't start until the 31st.

How neat that your family has "roots" and that AJ will be the third generation of your family in that school. I LOVE that. It's SO vintage, in that families used to stay in the area where they were raised. It's only the latter part of the 20th century that families moving so far apart has become the norm.

I love the drawing. And I think it's great that in AJ's eyes, y'all are a nice, calm family.

Have a lovely day,

BigD said...

Both of my daughters are in middle school this year.
I think housing all the grades together is a big help in adjusting! That's our school thru 8th grade.
Baby Daughter (5th grade) was having some anxiety because none of her buddies are in her homeroom--so band and lunch are the only times to see them. But, there are two new girls this year and she's already made friends with both of them. Fifth is the BIG year for homework at our school--so I'm not looking forward to that!
My 7th grader is all about the social side of school. As long as all her friends are there, life is good!

Marilyn said...

What a special attitude he has for his family. "Nice and calm" is just perfect.

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2010 said...

Very cute drawing!! you should keep it always. :)


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