Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vintage Royal Tuscan Teacup and Saucer

This is the last of the four teacups I purchased on my trip to Canton, Ohio with Mary.
It is marked Tuscan Fine English Bone China C8535. 
I paid $13 for this teacup and saucer.  It was the most expensive of the four.  I was very pleased to walk out of Avenue Antiques with four vintage English teacups for less than $40. 

Today, I am joining Miss Spenser's Blog for Teacup Thursday. 


parTea lady said...

The Royal Tuscan teacup is lovely. What a pretty violets floral pattern. Four vintage cups for under $40 sounds like an excellent deal.

racheld said...

I love all the TEA sites, all the lovely tables and china and arrangements and niceties of the ceremonies of Tea.

And when I see all these beautiful cups and saucers, I think of the hands which molded them and painted them, and sent them through that fiery ride to the gleam and translucence and perfection of their NOW.

And this minute, somewhere, someone is drawing a flower, painting a leaf, preparing a new pattern or faithfully shaping the old, in preparation for another of these beautiful creations that we enjoy so much.

Our quiet moments and our civilities shape us as much as our alphabets and numbers and songs, and it's lovely to think of teacups as teachers in all these wonderful things we keep learning.

Marilyn said...

Very pretty! I love the violets.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Linda, this is so pretty! I love violets...Thanks for sharing!! Donna

Bernideen said...

Violets are heavenly!


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