Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Vintage Hall Teapot

I visited a local antique/junk mall Monday and found this vintage 6-cup Hall teapot for only $7.50. 
Hall China was founded in 1903 in East Liverpool, Ohio and began producing their gold decorated teapot line in the 1920s. 
This teapot is a Boston teapot trimmed in gold. 
Read about Hall Teapots here
This teapot shows obvious wear on the gold trim, especially on the thumb rest on the handle. 

Oh, how I wonder how many pots of tea have been served through the years in this special teapot? 


racheld said...

We love the old Halls---Caro has about a dozen of the Hall Green ones on a little shelf around her kitchen ceiling.

And I enjoyed the link, as well---I found four that we have in our collection, and never knew the name of our "Windshield" pot. I've thought of it as "Triceratops" all these years.

Angela McRae said...

Love it! And what a *great* price -- I would have scooped this up as well! (I also love that you are imagining the past life of this lovely teapot!)

bennie and patsy said...

I enjoyed reading about Halls teapots.
Thanks, Patsy

parTea lady said...

What a lovely Hall teapot you found and for such a good price.

Maggie Ann said...

No kidding, a Hall teapot. We've been to their outlet when we've gone to the Fiesta Ware outlet. I have a lot of teapots but not one of theirs. I'm over to visit you from Patsy's....wishing you a nice day!

Maggie Ann said...

What a great link to the Hall teapots, very nice info and pictures. Makes me want some...grin


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