Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Scenes from the Ranch

Can you tell we had a fantastic time enjoying the activities
at the Cataloochee Guest Ranch near Maggie Valley, NC?  


racheld said...

What a lovely trip!! You've got me thinking seriously about making this the Christmas Gift for DD#2 and her family this year. I looked up the site, and it looks fabulous for a family vacation---maybe a four-day weekend for next Spring.

The only daunting thing is the cost of those horseback rides FOR FIVE, which they'd probably want to do every day. I looked at that and at a Gatlinburg cabin, for they're planning a few days there to visit the Aquarium, and you've given me some great ideas.

I'm SO glad you shared this!!

Marilyn said...

I can definitely tell it was a fun vacation. What a special thing to do.

A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, definitely, I can tell y'all enjoyed your trip. I LOVE the Smoky Mountains. Next to the Florida beaches, it is my favorite area of this whole country.

Thanks for sharing your photos and thereby giving me a trip there.



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