Thursday, October 14, 2010

Traveling with Tea

We take our own tea with us when we travel. 
 I took Harney and Sons Queen Catherine in sachets for myself
and decaffeinated Ceylon sachets for GJ. 

I enjoyed an interesting conversation on Sunday evening at the Cataloochee Ranch with a gentleman from Massachusetts seated to my right at dinner. Somehow the subject of tea came up and his wife informed me he only drinks tea.  That began a very interesting discussion between the three of us.  He told me he drinks Assam, purchased online from Upton Teas,  and takes his own tea  and mug when traveling.  I told them I always take my mug on trips, and usually take my own electric tea kettle along. 
My travel bone china mug is in the top photo, but I left the electric kettle home this time and used the mini whistling tea kettle provided in the kitchen of the RiverStone Resort during the last few days of our fall break trip.   Since I use the electric one at home, AJ and KJ had never heard a whistling tea kettle before.  They thought there was an emergency in the kitchen! 


racheld said...

The caravans of old did not travel as packed as we are. Coffee, tea, mugs, percolator, S&L, pillows.

Yours, however, are WAY more sophisticated and beautiful.

Marilyn said...

Love traveling tea gear. It is always fun to hear how other tea lovers deal with tea on the road.

Angela McRae said...

That is too funny (about the kitchen emergency)! And I love that you came across a fellow tea lover on your travels!

Steph said...

Ah, me too! We tea lovers are "no longer solitary eccentrics" according to James Norwood Pratt. ;-)

parTea lady said...

I have a couple of mugs the same as your travel mug. I always travel with an electric kettle and a teapot too. I find that so many resorts where we stay don't provide a teapot.

The Ranch looks like a great place to vacation. Enjoyed your photos from your fall break trip.

Rosemary said...

My tea kettle sounds like a train whistle... very loud! It startles most people when they hear it!


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