Monday, November 15, 2010

Tea Time With Berea Health Ministry — End of Summer

 Dr. Cora Fletcher, president of the Berea Health Ministry, decorated this table sponsored by the ladies Philathea Class from Berea Baptist.  This group of senior ladies have been long-time supporters of the Clinic. 


Angela McRae said...

Silver (or platinum) and crystal is always such a classy combination -- so elegant!

racheld said...

These are just the loveliest times with friends---a beautiful day, a beautiful table, and a wonderful cause to celebrate and support.

I can't remember if you've told how the tea is served---is it catered, or are there volunteers in the kitchen, and service people and waiters? I've done so many of these, I'm always curious to see others, plus I DO love seeing the beautiful arrangements and tea trays, etc.

And how do you GET that many teapots filled and to the table HOT all at once?

Patsy said...

I sure did like the cowgirls.


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