Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tea Time With Berea Health Ministry — Alice In Wonderland

 "Alice in Wonderland" was the theme of this table sponsored by BHM boardmember, Karen L., and decorated by her granddaughter, Taylor and friends.

These girls did a super job on their table!  Alice in Wonderland is a fun afternoon tea theme.


my cup of tea said...

Very cute! They did a GREAT job! Hope you are recovering quickly!

Pauline said...

The table setting looks lovely - sorry I couldn't get over in my Queen of Heart's Costume! Tell the girls I like the black and white main theme and the Cheshire cat peeking out from the book, well everything really. Best wishes Pauline

Marilyn said...

I always love the Alice theme table. What a fun one this is. I used that same book when I did a Alice teaparty last December.

Angela McRae said...

What a great table/theme, especially because of the popularity of the recent "Alice" movie!


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