Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Little Snow and A Lot of Fun!

AJ and KJ had a blast in the little bit of snow that fell this weekend in Kentucky. 
It was unseasonably cold, but that didn't keep these two inside. 
They were ready for a nice cup of hot tea when they came in. 


racheld said...

What FUN! I know ALL about making the best of what little snow there is---I swear every snowman ever made in Mississippi is two-thirds sticks and grass and dirt, all grabbed up together to get all the snow.

They all have a cookies-and-cream look about them.

Marilyn said...

I love snow, as long as I still can get out to the store. What fun for sure!

Angela McRae said...

No fair! We are freezing cold down here in Georgia this week but we don't have any snow to show for it! ;)

Paula said...

The 3rd picture looks like it could be a Thomas Kincade print!


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