Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snack Mix for the Holidays

Yesterday AJ helped me make our first batch of "Party Mix" for the holiday season.  We are awaiting the arrival of daughter # 1 and her family today.  And, this snack mix is a must! 
I make a tweaked version of the recipe my mother made every Christmas for many years.  I include Corn Chex, Rice Chex, Wheat Chex, Cheerios, Pretzels, Mixed Nuts, Butter, Worcestershire Sauce, Garlic Salt, Onion Salt and Celery Salt.  Bake this at 250 degrees for one hour.  Stir every 15 minutes to coat the cereal mixture with the butter mixture.  Let it cool and watch it quickly disappear! 

My daughter, Melissa, posted the recipe on Stockpiling Moms.  I taught SIL, Tim, how to make it when they visited over the weekend.
Do you have a family tradition of making a favorite holiday snack?  Please share.


Gin said...

My grandmother always made divinity with black walnuts each Christmas. I broke down and did it this year for the first time, been plotting this since late fall when I gathered walnuts behind the police station and hulled them. Had a ball making it and my taste buds were ecstatic. Unfortunately, my waistline regrets it. Ah, well.

Marilyn said...

I use to make this. It is one thing that has gone away. My family told me I made too many things, so I have considerably cut down. I make my favorite Cherry Wink cookies for me, French Florentines for my husband, and stollen for Christmas morning.

parTea lady said...

I've been eating this type of party mix since childhood. I made a batch the other day - similar recipe, but I like to add Cheese Nips.

I usually make sweet & spicy nuts and shortbread at Christmas too.

Bernideen said...

I like your tweeks - I will be making this also- it seems most necessary!

Angela McRae said...

Yum! I *wish* I had a tradition, but I tend to bake new things every year. Today a friend brought me a bag of pecans that were mixed -- some coated with a salty mix, some a sugary one. I wouldn't have thought of mixing those two but it was deelish!

Stockpiling Mom said...

This is the BEST tradition ever!


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