Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Vintage Children's Tea Party Book and Recipe

I love to read and collect tea party books for all ages.  I recently found a vintage copy of THE TEA PARTY BOOK on Amazon.  It is a delightful hard cover 39-page children's tea party planner by Lucille Recht Penner with  illustrations by Jody Wheeler. 

In addition to a brief introduction to "Making Tea" and "Fancy Cakes and Little Sandwiches" this book includes step-by-step instructions for nine children's tea party themes, including "A Garden Tea Party" in the photo above and "A Teddy Bear Tea Party" shown in the photo below.  Other tea party themes are "A Valentine Tea", "Tea By The Sea" , "A Japanese Tea Party", "A Royal Tea Party" "A Full-Moon Tea Party",  "Tiny Tea" and "A Rainy-Day Tea Party." 
My copy of this 1993 book came with a little surprise. 
It was inscribed "Happy Birthday Alexandra.  Much Love, Mom & Dad". 
I wonder who Alexandra was?  I hope she enjoyed many fun tea parties over the years!

Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe from "A Royal Tea Party"
You will need:
Vegetable peeler
Whole-wheat bread
Cream cheese, softened
1.  Ask an adult to help you peel the cucumbers and cut them into thin slices.
2.  Cut the crusts off the bread.  Spread cream cheese on each slice of bread.  Arrange a thin layer of cucumbers on one slice.  Top with another slice.  Press gently.  Then cut the sandwich into four triangles.  Arrange the cucumber sandwiches on a platter. 


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