Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Vintage James Kent Teapot

Someone recently asked me how many teapots I have.  I'm not really sure.  Everytime I start counting my 100+ teapots, I become distracted by something such as, "this teapot would look better over there" or "I need to wash this tea set"  or "where in the world did I put that whichever teapot"  and off I go on a tangent  forgetting to finish my count.   

I suppose the real answer to the question of how many teapots I have is... "not enough!"   

This week I've been on on a teapot buying spree.  OK, just three teapots in one week.  That's not too many teapots to purchase in one week is it? 

The teapot in these photos is a  vintage James Kent Old Foley violets pattern teapot and was made in Staffordshire, England of "fine earthenware."  I purchased it for for a bargain price and I am so happy because  English-made teapots are my favorites!  

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