Friday, May 21, 2010

Tea Decor (aka Tea Yard Art)

Thoughts of TEA here and there in our yard! 
(you may need to double click on the photos to get a better view fo the tea flags)

Our House — One Year Later — The Back Addition

The photo above is the back of our house before the addition.  The ice storm of 2009 destroyed much of our landscaping.  It made it a little easier for GJ to dig up and start all over. 
The back addition included two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room.  Also, we added a new deck and a patio. 
It was a challenge to live in the house while the renovations were taking place.  People asked us if it would have been easier and less expensive to build a house someplace else.  The answer is yes.  But, we love our neighborhood.  We could not find a location we liked better.
We began the project in April 2009.  The construction was completed in November and the landscaping in April 2010.  We still have a few things to complete this spring, such as deck staining and a new driveway, but the rain has delayed the process.  We are very happy with the additions to the house.  We now have room for all the children and grandchildren to visit overnight.

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