Friday, June 11, 2010

June is National Iced Tea Month

Do you drink your iced tea plain (black) or sweetened as most southern folks do?  
Do you prefer flavored iced tea or plain? 
My friends know I am a "plain tea" gal — no sweetener, no milk, and no flavors.  The Harney Queen Catherine above is my current favorite tea. 
My friend Mary recently returned from a vacation in Florida where she discovered a restaurant serving Harney & Sons Mango Iced Tea.  In addition to the Queen Catherine Black Blend Tea, I ordered tins of the Mango Black Tea and Apricot Black Tea to make flavored iced tea. 

This afternoon I tried the Mango Black Tea.  In this photo of the wet tea leaves, you can see the bits of dried mango which add flavor to the tea.  It certainly made a refreshing beverage for an 85+ degree day!
By the way, iced tea is better known as "ice tea" in this part of the country.

From the Tea 2010 Calendar
"Allow iced tea to steep for ten minutes, no more or less, if tea sits for too long, it will extract bitter elements from the leaves, making the finished product taste very bitter.  If it doesn't sit long enough, it won't be strong enough to produce the full flavor which iced tea was designed for." 

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