Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friends Forever

Left to right, Linda, Ticky, Jennifer, Patty and Karla

We have been friends forever. 
Patty and I grew up across the street from each other.  Ticky, Jennifer and I started first grade together.  Karla, Ticky and I attended to church together as children.  We all graduated from the same small high school.  Patty was a year ahead of the rest of us because her birthday fell 4 days before the deadline to be in our class.  
This year we are all celebrating our 59th birthdays.  We have not always lived in the same little Kentucky town of Berea where were were born and raised.  Some of us moved away as young adults.   
But, we all chose to come back to this place we love.  
Last week my daughter, Melissa, was visiting so she went to dinner with us and took this photo.   
I can only imagine the stories she is telling her girlfriends about spending an evening with a bunch of old ladies who still think they are young girls.   

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