Monday, June 21, 2010

"Afternoon Tea at Home — Made Simple"

"Afternoon Tea at Home Made Simple" © 2008 by English afternoon tea instructor and author,  Giuliana Orme is a recent addition to my tea library.   I purchased my copy from Amazon. 

The book is divided into two parts. 
Part 1shows the reader how to make, prepare and serve an English afternoon tea — from broiling the water in the kettle to baking the scones to folding the napkins. 

Part 2 takes the reader on a journey from the tea plantation to the teapot, tells the story of the arrival of tea in England, gives the history of the teapot, explores the health benefits of tea, includes tea quotes and informs the reader of facts and trivia about tea. 

If you purchase this book, keep in mind it is an English afternoon tea book.  Guiliana's Afternoon Tea menu and information is typically English.  She does, however, include conversions in the recipes for the convenience of her American readers. 

Check out Ms. Orme's website here.  I would love to take her Afternoon Tea class on my next trip to London.   Would you like to join me?


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