Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Updated Tea Book

Yesterday I posted about my newly purchased book, "The Perfect Afternoon Tea Book."

Thank you to Angela at Tea With Friends for the comment pointing out she has the older version of this book.  I thought the title sounded familiar.  I have the older version, too.  It is the one on the right in the photo above.  It was published in 1997.  The 2009 book on the left has twice the number of recipes as the original book, and only a very few are repeated in the newer book.  The 2009 book also has many more photos with better step-by-step instructions. 

Note to Angela:  Thanks for pointing out the Madeleine recipe in the older book.  It is not in the newer version of the book. I have hesitated to try out my Madeleine pans, but will do so with your recommendation of this recipe.

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