Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deviled Eggs Then and Now

My mother made Deviled Eggs.  My mother-in-law made Dressed Eggs. 
They were the same thing, but each one used her own recipe. 
I don't recall seeing either of their recipes in writing.
Above is my collection of Better Homes and Garden's Cook Books. 
My mom's 1953 book on the left, my book the middle was a 1970 wedding gift,  and my "new" 2002 book is the one on the right. 
They all have the same recipe for Deviled Eggs.  I have used this recipe since 1970 (#1 above).  However, after having made this recipe for 40 years, I no longer measure the ingredients, therefore they never taste exactly the same.
Double click on the photo above to read "my" recipe.
Although the Deviled Eggs recipe has not changed in these Better Homes and Garden's Cook Books, the artwork certainly has!

There are a gazillion recipes for Deviled Eggs out there, and a variety of ways to garnish them. 
I garnish with stuffed olive halves when the #1 daughter is here because she loves olives.
 I garnish my eggs with sweet pickle slices when the #2 daughter is here because she doesn't like olives.  
My mom and Aunt Mary always sprinkled paprika on their Deviled Eggs. 
Deviled Eggs are always on the menu at southern picnics, family reunions and church gatherings.
I have also seen them on the menu at afternoon tea in the south.

Do you have a special Deviled Egg recipe?  Or a garnish for them you would care to share? 


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