Friday, July 23, 2010

My Long Distance "Pot Luck" Tea Sandwich Recipes

I was one of the last to sign up to attend the "pot luck" ATAA Celebration Tea due to previous plans.  My schedule changed and Mary gladly agreed to accompany me to Ohio and most importantly to share the driving due to my painful right shoulder. 
The dessert menu was full when I signed up, therefore, I was asked to bring sandwiches or savories. 
OK, how do you take sandwiches and savories using a French theme to a pot luck tea 7+ hours from home?
I came up with two very simple, but tasty tea sandwiches to make the morning of the tea.  I purchased the groceries which I could safely transport in a cooler at home,  and we located a grocery store and a Panera Bread to purchase the rest.  I brought knives, cutting boards, Saran Wrap, paper towels, and other tools to use for food preparation.
My tea sandwiches (above) were:
Cucumber on Boursin Rounds with Dill
Brie and Fig Preserves on French Baguette Slices
Above, Mary is cutting out white bread circles using a biscuit cutter. 
Above the baguette is sliced and the cucumbers are draining on paper towels.
Our room at the Hampton Inn had a small refrigerator to keep our perishables in.  As you can see from the photos, our food prep area was the desk/table in the room. 

Cucumber and Boursin Rounds
1 loaf dense white bread (I used Pepperidge Farm Original White)
1 (5.2-oz.) Boursin Cheese (I used Garlic & Herbs Gournay Cheese)
1 seedless Cucumber, washed, sliced thing & drained on paper towels
Dill (fresh or dried)

Cut bread in circles and spread Boursin cheese on circles.  Add a slice of cucumber and sprinkle with dill.

Brie and Fig Preserves on French Baguette Slices
1 French Baguette
1 (5 oz. ) Alouette Creme de Brie (no rind)
1 small jar good quality fig preserves (I used Brasswell's, but I recommend a thicker fir preserves)

Slice the baguette thinly, spread with Brie and put approximately 1/4 teaspoon of fig preserves in the middle.  I placed small pieces of canned figs on the preserves for garnish.  I planned to garnish with a fresh raspberry on each until I found the figs.

More posts coming about this very special tea event..... 

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