Monday, July 26, 2010

Gong Fu Ceremony By Ingrid Folkers

Ingrid Folkers is a Certified Tea Sommelier and Culinary Consultant from Toronto.  Ingrid is a member of Afternoon Tea Across America (ATAA) and also drove 6 hours to join in the weekend celebration of the 10th Anniversary of ATAA 
Ingrid shared the very special Gong Fu (Chinese) Tea Ceremony with us. 
We all participated in the ceremony as we sat around the dining room table.  Lori, Karen and Mary were Ingrid's guests of honor gathered around the ceremonial table.   
Ingrid steeped this year's crop of Oolong from Anxi, a delicious tea with a flowery note. 

Ingrid gifted each of us with the Gong Fu tasting cups and tray. 
Thanks so much Ingrid!
Ingrid and Mary
Mary was a guest of honor at the Gong Fu Ceremony. 

 Ingrid's business is Tea Occasions


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