Friday, September 10, 2010

Taking Time for Tea

Earlier this week, I finished the Mango tea and started on the tin of Apricot. 
Most followers of this blog know I am a plain black tea drinker, no flavors added, especially floral and spice flavors.  And, I don't add milk or sugar.  Earlier this summer Mary recommended the Harney & Son Mango as a nice iced tea.  It took me a few glasses of both sweet and unsweetened to learn to enjoy it. 
I blogged about it in June.

At the time I ordered the Mango, I also ordered the Apricot.  For several months, the closed tin of apricot tea sat on a shelf as the scent drifted around my office.  I am familiar with apricot tea, but it was never a tea of choice for me.  Apricot tea was always included in the tea selections on the menu of  Bruce and Shelley Richardson's Elmwood Inn.  It is a tea I often recommended to my non-drinking tea friends during their first afternoon tea experience at that lovely tea room before it closed. 

Earlier this week a dear friend and I laughed and cried together during a one-hour phone conversation as we discussed her dad's progression with Alzheimers Disease and the memories of my mom's journey with AD, including the sad and funny things that happen along the way.  
 Fortunately, she and I could  find laughter among the tears.
And fortunately, this week I found a lot of comfort in my multiple cups of apricot tea.

"Taking tea is about making time instead of grabbing it,
and about genuinely relaxing instead of simply giving lip service to the idea"
~ From the Tea 2010 Calendar~

Enjoy your weekend!  I hope you find time for tea. 
Because, in my opinion, taking time for tea is really about taking time for you!


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