Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Afternoon Tea at The Tea Room in Milford, Ohio

Melissa and PJ (top photo) and KJ and I (bottom photo) traveled to Milford, Ohio near Cincinnati for tea at The Tea Room on Saturday.  The Tea Room opened in September, 2010, and is located in Historic Downtown Milford, an area of quaint shops, galleries and restaurants along Main Street, Milford.
I located this tea room through the listing on Tea Map.

Melissa and I ordered the Cheryl's High Tea, a full afternoon tea, 6 year-old PJ the Prince Tea, a
nd 9 year-old KJ the Princess Teas. 

We requested the Prince and Princess teas to be brought to the table at the same time as our soups.
The children's teas included Turkey Snowmen Sandwiches, PNBJ Bunny and Hearts, Chicken Salad and Ham Salad on round bread.   The top tier had fresh Blueberries and Strawberry slices with cream and Shortbread Cookies.
Our "Prince" drank milk in his teacup and our "Princess" tried the Blueberry Infusion and drank several cups of the Black Dragon Oolong.

As result of serving the prince and princess, I forgot to take photos of Melissa's Cream of Watercress Soup and my Tomato Basil Soup.  You can get a peek of her soup above.  Both soups were delicious!

Our first course was Blueberry Scones served with Mock Devonshire Cream and Strawberry Jam.

The three-tier server arrived with sandwiches/savories and sweets. 

Sandwiches on the bottom tier were an Orange Muffin with Ham Salad, Turkey and Cream Cheese on Homemade Date-Nut Bread (yummy!), a Traditional Cucumber Sandwich on White Bread, and a delicious Cranberry Chicken Salad on a Mini Puff Pastry. 
The sweets on the middle tier were Lemon Bars and Chocolate Cherry Cordials.

The top tier served Strawberries and Cream and Shortbread Cookies. 

The Tea Room is decorated with Vintage Linens and Antiques.
The dishes, serving pieces and silverware are vintage.  

Antique and Vintage items throughout the shop are available for purchase.

I just had to show you close-up photos of the garnish on the cucumber sandwich (above)
and the the chicken salad puff pastry (below).  These special touches make tea sandwiches special!   

I counted approximately 30 seats in this cozy tea room. 
The ambiance and decor reminded me of many tearooms I have visited in English villages.  
Thank you to Cheryl, Deana, and Ellen for making our visit to The Tea Room in Milford memorable!

Above photo from The Tea Room
NOTE:  This tea room closed in 2013.


amherstrose said...

Hi Linda,

What a lovely tea room and you all looked like you were so enjoying your tea party. I will have to make a trip to the Cincinnati area for tea there this Summer.

I was looking at the web site for the tea room and they are having a scone making contest in February. You should enter your cream cheese scones. We could all cheer for you and everyone could enjoy your wonderful recipe.

Mary Jane

amherstrose said...
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Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Linda...what fun...and oh so fancy. Did your Prince and Princess enjoy it?! Looks like they did! What happy memories you have together...thanks for sharing...I felt like I was there! Donna

Rosemary said...

This looked like a fabulous afternoon tea! Loved each photos... and your family looked like they were enjoying themselves. Thanks for sharing.

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

GorGeous! what a treat Linda! so glad you could have the day and time to take the adventure :) thank you for sharing it with us :))

racheld said...

How charming a place, and the tea looks yummy. I think I'll tag along next time Chris has a service call in Cincinnati---it looks worthwhile to just swoop around 275 and have one of those lovely teas. Chris is an Earl Grey man, and the black blend looks like my style.

Did you have to make reservations WAY ahead? I won't know we're going til the day before.

Denise said...

How much fun!

Marilyn said...

A very lovely tearoom. I do like the little touches too, such as on the cucumber sandwich. Their presentation was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Angela McRae said...

Oh my, what a lovely time and a tremendous array of goodies! Thanks especially for showing the close-ups of those garnishes -- that's something else I can explore as I research tea sandwiches this year!

Bernideen said...

Oh how lovely and your grandkids are growing so fast! This was a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your visit. The food looks lovely!

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2011 said...

Thank you for sharing this! I miss tea rooms around here. Sadly, they have all closed in the last 2 years...darned economy! I do miss them & I think they closest one is over 100 miles away now.

The food looks so delish & don't you love all the small details! :) Love the bunnies & snowmen, how cute!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Wow their presentation is exquisite and some really different ideas too. I do wish we had a tearoom near us, maybe I need to start one!

Stockpiling Mom said...

We so enjoyed our tea together!

Melissa and PJ

Marlena said...

You are definately get the next generation off to a good start. it is wonderful to expose them to good food and good tea. Bless you!

Rosemary said...

Enjoyed revisiting this post with you today!


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