Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Snow Days!

A view out my back door and across the deck and pool.

Yep!  It is another "snow day" here in southern Kentucky. T
hat makes two this week and four before Christmas! 
A "snow day" means school and many other local activities have been cancelled.
AJ is having a pajama day inside while the high temperature is only 18 degrees today.


Brit Gal Sarah said...

I think AJ has the right idea Linda! We started the day here at 0F again, although most of our snow has now gone. Crazy weather we are all getting lately, stay warm with a cuppa.

Gigi Ann said...

You have more snow than I have here. I think we had a dusting on Tuesday. Beautiful blue skies today. I hope it melts real quick for you.

Thanks for visiting My Reading Corner today. I noticed you became a follower, thanks.

Marilyn said...

Shhh...I'm a teacher and I love snow days! An interesting note, however, when I lived in the mountains for four years, we NEVER had a snow day! And the snow was 3 feet deep in the front yard most of the winter. We have snow days out here on the eastern plains because of the WIND. Enjoy your time inside. ♥♫

Angela McRae said...

We are on our fourth Snow Day here in Georgia (as far as the schools go; I actually went to work today!).

Marilyn said...

I think I would still have to go out and make a little snow man on the deck. That is certainly a lot of snow.

Barbara said...


Amazed at how much snow you are getting in Kentucky. Having a few friends there they have kept me in touch with their weather.

See you have been to many of the English tea rooms!


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