Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teacup Thursday — A Vintage Royal Albert

I purchased this pretty vintage Royal Albert at an antique shop.

As you know, every teacup has a story.  Unfortunately, this one has a sad ending.
After photographing this teacup and saucer, I dropped the saucer and broke it.
Now, I have a lonely teacup. 
Any suggestions on how to use my teacup?

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racheld said...

You KNOW what I recommend for a solitary cup---start a TEACUP TREE!

Ours is empty for these icy months, but the cups and pots are all resting in a big box, still with their ribbons attached, awaiting Spring.

Denise said...

Oh no,It's ok,you'll find something to do with it I'm sure. She was pretty.I enjoyed my visit.

Antiques And Teacups said...

I posted a Royal Albert today as well, love yours and so sorry to hear it's sad tale. Suggestions for using the poor, lonely teacup...I have used some of my orphans on a wreath for years...just replacing mine at the moment...for the front door.


Lightbringer said...

How about having it filled with a soy candle or just the scented soy. Or drill a hole in the bottom and make a lamp from it. Teapot and teacup lamps are my specialty! I think they are so pretty when lit up. Or fill it with silk flowers and put it on a shelf in the kitchen. Or a small birdbath?

Patsy said...

Thanks for following my blog, love yours.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely teacup, sorry to hear about your saucer. Lonely teacups are useful for holding little sewing or office supplies on your desk. I recently used one as a tie back for a curtain with a matching ribbon, and I use them to hold candy, nuts, or sugar cubes. I've never seen a teacup tree but it sounds wonderful, and I like Lightbringer's idea of a candle holder. It was wonderful meeting you for Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday.

Marilyn said...

Very pretty and so sad for you. I do save them because you never know when you will find the match again. I have even thought of making stepping stones with all my broken cups and saucers.

hula-la said...

I, too have a lonely teacup, or 2... And since I belong to an ArTy TeA PaRty group, I filled mine with crayons...and oddly enough, when you need a pen or pencil quick to jot something down, there is never one handy. But my crayons, always step up to the plate:)

Angela McRae said...

Well ... if you need a place to display wire/hook style earrings, they line up nicely on the rim of an orphaned teacup! (So sorry for your loss!)

Susan said...

Beautiful cup ! I enjoy orphan cups
just as much as matched ones!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

i love coordinating my sgls with whatever lovely saucer i like!
and white always works!
i also use cups to decorate my Christmas wreaths and garlands ~
you could even do a Valentine wreath ")
have FuN!

burdog309 said...

teacup pincusion. take and old embroidered hankerchief, wrap it around a foam ball, shove it in the teacup and stick some purdy pins in there and VOILA! i just planted a violet from the yard in mine and it looks adorable sitting on the kitchen windowsill.


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