Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Teacup — Three Red Roses

~ Continuing with Valentine's Week Roses Teacups ~
This vintage teacup is a Royal Standard Three Red Roses pattern teacup. 
Royal Standard is a trade name of Chapmans Longton Ltd, Longton, Staffordshire c 1930.

Yesterday was the first Valentine's Day for AJ to give a gift to a "girlfriend."  He was nervous about taking gifts to school to give her.  I suppose he thought he would be the only one.  As it turned out, many sixth grade girls received gifts from boys. The most popular gifts were cards, chocolates, teddy bears, and roses.  AJ's gal was pleased to receive a card and a small box of chocolates at school.  The rest of the gifts were in my car ready to be presented to her after school, a Valentine pillow pet, a heart-shaped cookie from Panera and a Happy Valentine's Day balloon.
And, he was happy when she accepted his invitation to the school dance on Friday night. 
What fun!


Antiques And Teacups said...

Pretty teacup and great story. Good for him!

racheld said...

Ahhh, those first sweet young moments of noticing a GIRL! What a charming story of the day.

And you know I love Rose teacups best.

Patsy said...

Pretty tea cup and a happy day for AJ.

my cup of tea said...

What a beautiful tea cup! So happy for AJ!

LadyV said...

Love the teacup, very pretty.

You know, I think it doesn't matter if they're 6 or 18...My son had is gifts for his friend Shaney so nicely packaged, pretty bag and all. His father failed to tell him that he was not going to be able to drive to school on Valentine's day because he needed to make repair to his car...Long story short...The pretty bag was placed inside a grocery bag because he didn't want anyone to see him with the pretty one; you see, his plan was to leave the bag of gifts in his car until the end of the school day and then give it to Shaney...You should have seen the look on his face when he was told he wouldn't be driving that day...Priceless!

Angela McRae said...

I have never seen a teacup with a rose design like this. Lovely! (Also enjoyed hearing about Valentine's for our A.J.!)


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