Friday, March 25, 2011

Friends for Life

Patty and I have been friends forever!
We grew up across the street from each other.
I look at the photo on top, taken earlier this month on my 60th birthday,
and I see my mother's smile on my face.
 I see Patty's dad's smile on her face. 

Earlier this week, Patty's dad, a dear, sweet gentleman and a good Christian, 
 lost his battle with Alzheimer's. 
My mom lost her battle with Alzheimers four years ago.
It has been a difficult week for Patty and me.

The following information was recently released by the Alzheimers Association:

An estimated 5.4 million American's have Alzheimer's disease. Another American develops Alzheimer's disease every 69 seconds.
In 2010, 14.9 million family and friends provided 17 billion hours of unpaid care to those with Alzheimer's and other dementias.
The cost of caring for those with Alzheimer's to American society will total $183 billion in 2011. Deaths from Alzheimer's increased 66 percent between 2000 and 2008, and Alzheimer's is the only cause of death among the top 10 in America without a way to prevent, cure, or even slow its progression.

Please find the full report, fact sheet, and information specific to your state at

Federal Budget Update
As you have probably seen in the news, leaders of the House of Representatives and Senate have yet to agree upon a budget to fund the Federal Government for the rest of the 2011 fiscal year. As things stand right now, none of our key Alzheimer's priorities have been cut in the negotiations. However, the Public Policy office continues to closely monitor budget activity on behalf of the Alzheimer's community to ensure that critical research and care programs remain in place.


Patti said...

Rejoicing with you, Linda, on the precious, lifelong friendship you've shared with Patty. I know I've told you this before, but the longest "really strong" friendship I have was begun in the 6th grade. Through Facebook, I've connected with people I knew before that, and that's been alot of fun, but 6th grade is the furthest back friend I've always been in touch with.

That is a lovely photo of you and Patty. You both look so pretty!

By the way, I understand the pain of Alzheimers. That horrible, ugly disease struck my family too. My grandmother battled it for 7 years, before succumbing to it in 1996. Sadly, with Alzheimers, you lose your loved one long before they pass. I lost my grandmother in 1990..when she no longer knew who I was or even who she was.

Blessings to you,

W. Latane Barton said...

Sad times for both you and Patty. How precious to have such a special friend for most of your life. I send my love and hugs to the both of you.

racheld said...

Such a treasure, these always Friends. You are both so blessed to each have the other for such times as these, and a heart which understands is the best comfort.

My best thoughts and prayers for you both, for sweet memories of both your Dear Ones.


Marilyn said...

Hugs sent to you and Patty.

Bernideen said...

Please extend my sympathy to your friend. I have never seen a photo of that long term of a friendship -that is priceless!

my cup of tea said...

It is such a blessing to have forever friends! They know us and still love us! LOL
You both are in my prayers.

Denise said...

Thank you Linda for visiting me and giving me your support.Linda your post is so touching.How amazing those two photos are.My Grandfather died in 1970 of alzheimers when it wasn't really talked about.Boy was it scary for me at 17.

Stockpiling Mom said...

What a wonderful post. It brings tears to my eyes. Thurman was a wonderful and dear man who I will always remember as "stealing my nose" at church each week :-)

Forever Friendship is such a blessing and so thankful you have each other especially in times like this. If anyone can provide support it is you.



Donna and Miss Spenser said...

How wonderful to have a friend for life like this...I loved seeing the pictures of the two of you.

So sorry you both have personally suffered the pain of Alzheimers...

Thanks for sharing...



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