Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tea Room Depression Glass

Angela at Tea With Friends collects Tea Room pattern Depression Glass.
When I spotted this creamer and sugar on the tea cart at Yesterday's Tea Room, I just had to take a photo!

According to, the Tea Room pattern was made by Indiana Glass Company from 1926-1931.  It was a modern, Art Deco pattern at the time, and marketed for use in tea rooms, ice cream parlors, and soda fountains.  Colors made were pink, green, amber and some crystal. 

Of course, upon taking the photo, I told GJ all about Angela and her wonderful tea blog. 
I'm not sure he understands the connection between good blogging friends, but he listened politely.
Waving "hello" to Angela!!! 


Angela McRae said...

Oh my goodness -- you found some Tea Room glass at a tea room -- how perfect is that! Yes, this is a set I have been longing for! I saw it in green at a local store, looked at it for months, finally went back to dicker and it was GONE. So now I'm watching this glassware on eBay and hoping to score a good buy one day. I'm so delighted you both recognized the pattern and thought of me! (Angela, waving back!)

Bernideen said...

Very cute set and I can see why Angela loves it! Your grandson is such a dear!

my cup of tea said...

That is so pretty! I am always learning new things from you Linda, Thank you!

Joyce said...

Ms. Linda, I am looking forward to meeting you next week! I'm very excited that this is working out time wise!

Marilyn said...

I love this depression glass. How lovely to find it.


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