Friday, April 15, 2011

English Rose Tea Room — 2nd Visit

We enjoyed the English Rose Tearoom so much we returned the next day for lunch tea.

There are several differences in a British village tea room and typical American tea rooms.
 —The menu is served 10 am - 5:30 pm, Monday - Saturday
— A full afternoon tea, lunch, and individual items are availble throughout the day
— Reservations are not necessary except for large groups
(We were "walk-ins" both days as were a steady stream of customers)
— The servings were plentiful and typically British (not fancy)
— The tea served is PG Tips unless you request another selection available from their shop
Drinking PG Tips brings back many memories of our tearoom visits in England!!

On Monday our server was the manager, Clare.  We loved her delightful English accent.
We were greeted by the chef on Tuesday who told us she was happy to see us return. 
Although our server on Tuesday was not British, she did a fine job while she was extremely busy with customers.
It was Clare's day off.  She told them to expect us because AJ and GJ told her we would return.

I hope you can read the menu below, if not, click on the link here.

Each of us ordered individual items from the menu during our return visit on Tuesday.
Princess KJ and I ordered the Leek and Potato Soup with six finger sandwiches, as posted on the blackboard above.

The guys ordered a variety of their favorites from the afternoon tea and  a banger served on a crusty roll smothered in onions.  We all selected a plain scone served with clotted cream, lemon curd and jam.
And, of course, we consumed several pots of PG Tips tea.

The English Rose has a very nice selection of tea wares and gifts

including a wide variety of children's tea sets

They also have a large selection of British foods and teas in their shop

I guarantee this family will always stop at
when we travel to Georgia or Florida on I-75.


Jem said...

It looks absolutely lovely - $12.95 for afternoon tea is very reasonable too! The soup sounds like it was very tasty!

Jem xXx

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Oh, I was feeling melancholy as I saw your post sissy lives close by and actually works in Chattanooga...she is always telling me about this tea room and that she thinks of me everytime she drives by it! So glad you had a good time...the pictures are so much fun to look at!

Camellia Rose said...

Your tea experiences sound lovely, wish I was there to join the fun!
Looking forward to reading more.

hula-la said...

well, I am going to drag out all of my mismatched fine china tea cups and such and have a tea party with my daughters this weekend!!! Love your blog!

Bernideen said...

Their prices are amazing - wonderful how they do that and make money? Looks like you are having a peachy time.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

How wonderful, Linda! Your trip to the tea room looks like so much fun! I too enjoy PG Tips and I've never had it until I received some in a Giveaway from my friend Bernideen. So glad you shared your tea experience with me. Have a delightful weekend.


parTea lady said...

Thanks for sharing your visit to the English Rose Tea Room, it looks wonderful. What a great menu. I like that you can order just sandwiches, scone and tea (my favorite parts).

Hope their business flourishes and I'm able to have tea there one day.

Marilyn said...

This does look like a tea shop I would enjoy. KJ's lunch looked just perfect. Someday I am going to travel this way and I will ask you to remind me of this shop and many other wonderful sights you share.

Angela McRae said...

I would love to meet you there sometime! Chattanooga is just a few hours away from my home!


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