Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amber Sandwich Glass Pattern

OK, if you recall, I "collect" clear Sandwich Glass dishes
I don't collect amber glassware.
So, why couldn't I pass up these four Amber Sandwich Glass berry dishes
when I spotted them in my favorite booth in a local antique mall? 

Well, let's see...
1.  I might need them to serve a special dessert to four people
2.  I could give them as a gift to a special friend
3.  They remind me of some pretty amber glass dishes of my Aunt Ida's
4.  My mother would have enjoyed these
5.  As dust collectors... Oh wait!  I have enough of those already
6.  Because I liked them at the moment and couldn't pass up the bargain price

Oh, my!  Have I developed a dish collecting problem? 
Is there a support group for people with the same disorder? 

I think I know a few friends who could join me in such a group!

Clarification note added later:  
This is a "Sandwich Glass Pattern", not Sandwich glass made in and around Sandwich, MA


Jem said...

I would have found it difficult to pass them up too - glass is one of my weaknesses!! They're covered in beautiful detail, Linda, I can completely understand why you needed to give them a home! :-)

Jem xXx

racheld said...


Do you know the name of the amber glass that quite a few people seemed to have in the late 70s and into the 80s? When I used to "write up" parties and weddings for people for the local papers, I think the same set circulated amongst the decorations for about ten years, and I was always expected to use that name in the reception decor.

It was definitely not "Sandwich Glass" but a short title, on a par with Fiesta or Jadeite.

Sue said...

I totally understand as glass is a weakness of mine also. I have to stay focused on the ones I most like to collect or I would have a house full of glass everywhere. Yes, they do have a lot of detail and have a lot of eye appeal. They would most likely have followed me home also!! :o)

Marilyn said...

Yes, they are pretty and they would make a great gift. I am trying not to be a dish collector, but is hard sometimes.

Susan said...

I have a house full of things I do not collect!

Angela McRae said...

I resemble that last remark!

And I am tempted by this pretty amber glassware myself! My goal is to find that color of tumbler to go with my Thanksgiving dinnerware before the holiday rolls around this year.


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