Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Teacup Thursday — Royal Winton Summertime Trio

I purchased this Royal Winton Summertime teacup and saucer trio several years ago at an antique mall in Hendersonville, NC while traveling. 
I debated with myself for a while before purchasing, due to the price.  My trio is badly crazed and discolored which makes it look very much used and loved. 
In addition to being marked as a Royal Winton Summertime made in England, it is also marked Wright Fyndale and van Roden Inc.  
What fun to see this cup and saucer as a "cover girl" on the current Tea Time Magazine!

To see more teacups featured today go to Miss Spenser's Blog. 


Marlena said...

Ooh, you are so smart. an we get autographs from the cover girl? It is quite pretty and I agree the crazing just lets you know someone loved it and now you do!

Marilyn said...

Well you and Angela both have this pretty teacup. How fun indeed to have your teacup on the front of a magazine. I do love Royal Winton teacups.

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

oooh so pretty. I have made THREE recipes from that Tea Time that I will review on my here in the next few weeks. I loved this issue. Makes me convinced I NEED more chintz. Yes NEED.

Lady Linda said...

LOVE chintz....have to agree with Trish...NEED NEED!
Love, Lady Linda

Angela McRae said...

Great minds think alike!!!!! Ha!

My teacup has lots of crazing too, so now you've got me wondering if that was a "thing" with this particular pattern or lot of teacups. Interesting. And I'm happy to know I have something like yours because I've always admired your taste!

HOPE said...

I also own a cover girl from Tea Time...the Wedgewood seashell and basket weave from Connecticut.

Fun to read about our tea pots and cups.



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