Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Iced Tea Day

When we were in LA, I ordered iced tea at three different restaurants.
The only iced tea available was Passion Fruit Iced Tea from a commercial supplier.
We decided to try making our own at home using Harney and Sons Decaf Passion Fruit Iced Tea.
It has been an iced tea summer here in Kentucky! 



Oh, I do love passion fruit teas, especially iced ones!

Patsy said...

We are really drinking a lot of Iced Cranberry Tea in this hot weather.
I bet the passion fruit tea is good .

Angela McRae said...

It's an iced tea summer here in Georgia as well! (I'm shocked you drank a flavored tea! Mercy!))

my cup of tea said...

I have never had Passion Fruit Tea before, it sounds delicious!

Antiques And Teacups said...

That's one I'll have to try. Sounds luscious!

Lavender Cottage said...

I've never tried a flavoured iced tea but should with the yummy flavours available.
Just read about your injury, hope things are coming along nicely.

racheld said...

We took several of the children to Niagara Falls and over into Canada one Summer several years ago, and almost every one of us ordered iced tea at lunch and dinner.

And Every Single Time, we were served some kind of Raspberry Tea (I especially recognized it because raspberry is one of the few flavors I just don't like). The most disconcerting thing was that it had some kind of fizzy component, like it was mixed with club soda or ginger ale.

And we asked every time for Just Plain Iced Tea, and we got the same stuff---maybe four different times and places, and in both countries.

I wonder if that flavor/texture is a regional thing, and if it IS Just Plain Tea to folks in that area, and just a matter of taste.

amherstrose said...

Hi Linda!
Ohio is experiencing a sizzling Summer as well and I have been drinking lots of Iced Tea to keep cool. Passion Fruit sounds very good! My Iced Tea pitcher currently holds a Decaf Southern Comfort Tea from First Colony Tea Company. Very smooth and delicious on a hot steamy day.
Hope your healing is progressing!
Thinking of you.

Mary Jane


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