Friday, August 12, 2011

My Mishap in Los Angeles in a Cartoon!

Thursday was the first day of school for AJ. 
The assignment in art class was to draw a cartoon about something that happened during summer vacation.
I found this drawing of our Los Angeles trip/experience in his backpack. 
He didn't intend to show it to me, but I love it! I thought it was just too funny!   
(and very accurate)

Update from my orthopedic appointment yesterday:
The sling stays on for at least 4 more weeks.
I go back for x-rays and they will determine at that time if I need surgery.
Not what I wanted to hear!
The moral of the story is:  Pay attention to where you are walking and not your phone
OR - don't fall and break your shoulder!

By the way, I always take AJ's photo the first day of school.
Today he told me whatever I do, not to put it on Facebook.
He didn't say I couldn't post it on my blog!   *smile*


Rosemary said...

Oh my goodness! I love the artwork! Not sure which 'box' is my favorite... I love the Harry Potter movie line ~ the excitement is quite evident, think the actual 'fall' was well done, complete with 'help!!', but I also love the waiting room scene. Great job AJ! And, the first day of school photo... love his attitude! He is a handsome young man!

Linda J. said...

Thank you, Nancy! The next box after the waiting room scene is the hotel's limo taking us from the ER to the hotel. That was impressive to a boy, too. AJ has been so helpful the last few weeks. Neither of us were ready for school to start.

HOPE said...

Not facebook...but a blog the entire world can also SEE.
Nice photo!

The drawing is a treasure...from him..not the experience RIGHT?

I like the people sitting patiently in the waiting area! Like...what is happening???

Hope you get a better report! Take Xtra care these 4 weeks.


Marlena said...

Oh, he is growing up, isn't he? He's such a great kid, you're doing a wonderful job with him. I too hope and pray you have good results.

parTea lady said...

Love AJ's cartoon and his first day of school pic.

Hope the healing goes well and surgery will not be necessary. Take care.

Stockpiling Mom said...

I love it! I can't believe how old he is :-(

Marilyn said...

So funny! Love that he did the cartoon and even let you take his picture. He will have to learn to be more specific with his request not to be on Facebook.

Angela McRae said...

Oh my, I LOVE that artwork and actually laughed out loud -- not at your injury, of course, but at AJ's portrayal of the incident. Praying you will NOT require surgery!


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