Friday, August 26, 2011

Tea Time Magazine Fall Issue

Tea Time, published by Hoffman Media, LLC,  is my favorite tea magazine.
I love the photography of beautiful tea tables and tea foods. 
I especially appreciate the issues where the food items are simple to prepare.   
I have kept every issue and often browse through them for inspiration when planning an afternoon tea. 
I have said before and will repeat, in the first several issues I didn't agree with the tea facts and some of the photos.
But, I am very pleased to see the current editor, Lorna Reeves, is participating in tea education events and is traveling to experience various tea venues. 

If you are not familiar with this magazine, check it out at
You can purchase back issues and their  beautiful books from the website. 

This month Miss Spenser's Special-Teas is featured in an article, but I will let Spenser and Donna at Miss Spenser's Blog tell you about that when they choose to. 


Steph said...

HI, Linda! I agree - their photography has been extraordinary! I was disappointed with some of the early info, too...and I'm glad to see that they're increasing their staff's education about tea! It's a lovely magazine and such gorgeous images!

Bernideen said...

I am so happy for Donna and Spenser's feature in the magazine. They deserve it! Tea Time is by far my favorite. I am always into seeing tea ideas and tea rooms rather than Tea Plantations. I always love visiting your blog!

Marilyn said...

This is one of only two magazines that I love these days. Must look for it tomorrow when I go to town. I know it would be easier to have a subscription, but it is the only shopping I seem to enjoy.♥♫

Karen's Place said...

Hope my copy comes in the mail that I got a preview. I agree it's great to look at when your tea party dreaming/planning.

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2011 said...

I LOVE this magazine! I was so happy to see in my mailbox Friday. I especially love the fall and the recipes in this issue look fabulous!

Melissa said...

I agree with you, especially when in one of their earlier articles the writer chastised people for putting milk in their cup first instead of tea as if doing so would be the end of the world. They are getting better and the photography is one of the highlights. So very inspiration. Victoria magazine also has a fantastic cover for fall. I'm excited to see your tea pictures once that shoulder heals. Thank you for stopping by.

Marilyn said...

The pumpkin dessert on the cover intrigued me and I am tempted to make it. I finally had to get rid of some of my magazines as I had kept magazines for over 10 years and just running out of storage space. I do keep all my Victoria magazines. Hope your shoulder is healing well.

Angela McRae said...

I subscribe too but haven't gotten mine yet. Sure hope it comes soon so I can see all these pretty things as well!


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