Sunday, October 30, 2011

Julian Tea Room in Julian, California

We drove from San Diego into the Cuyamaca mountains to Julian, CA an 1870's gold mining town.
We enjoyed afternoon tea at the quaint and casual Julian Tea and Cottage Arts.
This amazing shop had a nice menu to choose from, a very large and well-stocked gift shop, and served lunch and afternoon tea at only three tables!  What a fun place! 

Afternoon tea began with fruit.
A nice variety of tea sandwiches included curry chicken salad on a croissant,
cucumber sandwiches, olive nut sandwiches,
 a fruit cream cheese spread on raisin bread, and a warm cheese spread on baguette slices  
Delicious homemade shortbread cookies and buttermilk scones
were served with cream, homemade lemon curd and apple butter.
Dessert was a delicious bread pudding with whipped cream. 
We were so glad we drove into the scenic mountains to Julian for tea.
October is Apple Festival time.  There were many opportunities to purchase apples and enjoy apple pies,
but we had plans for the evening.  
I will post more photos of the Julian tea shop.   

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tea Forte at the Grand

The Grand Del Mar serves Tea Forte in the cafe, restaurants and for afternoon tea.
The cafe has a nice selection of Tea Forte pyramid and loose leaf teas for sale. 
I did just a "little" bit of shopping while we were there.

Added after Denise's Question:
Read about Tea Forte Teas at

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Afternoon Tea at the Grand Del Mar Resort, San Diego

Afternoon Tea at The Grand Del Mar served in the Library

Three course tea service, complete with Bernardaud china and Italian linens
Sandwich Tray: Cucumber/Boursin/Dill on white – Salmon/cream cheese/dill on rye – Ham/Manchego on rye – Roast Beef/Truffled Pecorino on marbled rye – Egg Salad/Bacon/micro celery on Egg Bread

Current Scone - Sugared Scone – Devonshire - Lemon Curd -Seedless Raspberry Jam
Opera Cake - Mini ├ęclair - Frangipane lemon raspberry tart - Fruit tart - Chocolate Cherry Bomb
Teas: Tea Forte –
English Breakfast
A robust full-bodied cup with a concentrated character of malt and deep undertones that welcome a bit of milk and sugar.
White Ambrosia
Rarest Pai Mu Tan white tea is a plucked in early spring from a special varietal tea bush called “chaicha”. Blended with fragrant Madagascar vanilla and the tropical tease of island coconut. Delicate, refreshing and divine-
**Oops!  I forgot to take a photo of the sweets until after AJ began eating his dessert!** 
A special thank you to Martha, a dear CA friend who joined us for tea, for describing the tea menu. 
I was so excited to see Martha, after my fall in LA in July,  that I barely remembered what we ate.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Views Around the Grand Del Mar

The Lobby

 View from the lobby , below
 Views from our room, below, the hotel is on a fabulous golf course

There are three heated pools

The grounds are beautiful with paved walkways all around, golf, tennis, croquet, horseback riding and more!

And, what's this in the pool?
Oh, it's just a very entertaining 12 year old boy!

Proof AJ did his homework

Tea for me

The Grand Del Mar is "grand"

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hippo Encounter at the San Diego Zoo

Last week AJ and I tagged along with GJ on a business trip to San Diego. 
It was a great trip for all of us. We enjoyed our travels and returned home safely.  

The San Diego Zoo has a reputation of being one of the top zoos in the U.S.A.
Ask AJ what his favorite thing was and he will tell you it was seeing the hippos.
These are his photos from his phone.  Watching the mother and baby interact was amazing!

AJ enjoyed the Zoo on Saturday so much that we went to the SD Zoo Safari Park north of San Diego on Monday.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scones from Windy Corner Market

Above, a Country Ham and Cheese Scone
Oh my goodness, what a delicious savory scone! 
And, below a sweet Blueberry Scone.
Can't wait to return To Windy Corner Market and Restaurant for more take-out scones!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Breakfast at Windy Corner Market and Restaurant

Windy Corner Market and Restaurant is located in rural Fayette County, Kentucky amid beautiful horse farms.
A friend, Linda B., told me about Windy Corner this summer, and this was my first opportunity to go.
Mary and I drove down the two lane Bryan Station Road through beautiful horse country on the out-skirts of Lexington,
 the "Horse Capital of the World", to enjoy a late breakfast of country ham, eggs, home fried potatoes, cheese grits, and a biscuit with butter and honey. Yum — a great Kentucky breakfast!

Decorated horse statues are located around Lexington.
I don't know the title of the one below, but it has historic scenes of the Lexington area painted on it.

 A partial menu is on the chalk board behind the counter where you place your order.
 The interior is decorated with local horse farm jockey silks around the casual dining room.
There are ladders in the photo below because the screened porch is being made into an all-weather dining room.
They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a variety of bakery items, ice cream and Kentucky products available.
What a fun place!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teacup Thursday — Royal Patrician Pansies Trio

This is another in my Royal Patrician trio collection.
I have lost my list of the names of the patterns in my collection.
I hope I didn't throw it away in the major rennovation of our house in 2009. 
Everything was moved more than once during that time, and at lot of paperwork was tossed.
Ruth or Bernideen, do you know the name of this pattern? It is sort of a pansy chintz.
It is pretty with the yellow backgound and the gold foot on the teacup.

Visit Miss Spenser's Blog to see participating bloggers showing pretty teacups today.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lulu's Tea Room in Powell, Tennessee

Lulu's Tea Room is located in a pretty two story house in Powell, TN just north of Knoxville.

Lulu's is not a typical English-style tea room with afternoon tea, but is a quaint, fun, place for lunch.
I found Lulu's on

The sign below is one of several greetings at the entrance.
Notice the business cards in the teacup on the lower right.

 Above, KJ is enjoying her lunch, a turkey and Swiss cheese wrap with deviled eggs and a green salad.  
AJ ordered the spinach quiche and sweet bread. 
Deana, aka Lulu, brought us her special tomato-dill soup to try. It was yummy!
GJ and I ordered the "Tea Tier"
I forgot to take a photo of the three tier server, but did take photos of each tier.
Chicken Salad and Egg Salad Sandwiches were on the bottom

Fresh fruit on the middle tier,

And, Chocolate mini-muffins and a delicious banana bread with a sweet cream cheese spread on the bottom tier.

KJ, below, checked out the little girls tea party room upstairs.

We enjoyed our lunch at Lulu's and hope to stop again when we pass through the Knoxville area.
Thank you Deana for a tea-lightful lunch and visit!

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